Pottery Studio

Inside our Studio

Welcome to our Pottery Studio in Beechworth, North East Victoria Australia.  We moved here 30 years ago and built this studio to have enough room to grow from wheel throwing to where we are now with a hydraulic extruder, hydraulic press, slab roller, multiple kilns & space to get creative. It can be freezing cold in winter and stinking hot in summer (especially when we are firing) but it’s a great space for both of us to spread out. Our day starts at 10am with coffee break at 11am over discussions of glaze combinations, firing techniques and new ideas.  We have been lucky enough to make potting our full time jobs for the past 30 years and now consider ourselves unemployable in the real world.  We love our life in Beechworth and don’t think of this as work but creative fun. studio As our skills grow, we find we are able to make more non-functional artistic pots that are destined to become a focal point in someone’s home. Judy’s favorites are Tantalizing Teapots, while Ric focusses on Jubilant Jugs. Over the years we have put a lot of thought into design, colour and decoration. We see some combinations working better than other. It was a matter of trial and error in the early days but now we can make better informed decisions on what “works”. We are yet to make our best pot, maybe tomorrow when we get that bit just a little better. Almost all output is high-fired stoneware because this gives the customer a reliable product and therefore, us a relatively low stress country life style. We use the wheel, a slab roller, a hydraulic extruder and a hydraulic press to make a wide variety of work. All work is cone 10 fine porcelaneous stoneware. People are often interested in our kiln.  It’s a roof suspended lid which drops down over a load of pots. Firings can take up to 12 hours and reach temperatures of 1280 degree centigrade.  Firing our Copper Red glaze is amongst the trickiest. Learn more about firing Copper Red.

Current Firing

If there is a kiln firing, it temperature and rate of climb will appear here....