The Clay Slabroller

Using the Slabroller

Creating pots from slabs is a wonderful alternative making process. It has been used by many potters to construct containers and plates and decorative items. Rectangular, square, octagonal or oval shapes are easily made. Freed from the roundness of thrown pots, a whole range of possibilities open up. You need little in the way of expensive equipment, just a cutting wire and guide or a rolling pin as a starting point.

Over the last twenty five years, we have used many techniques with slabs to create both a range of functional tableware and our individual work. The tableware range included square, octagonal and oval platters (pictured below) and these were generally formed using a press mould or a drape mould. The master shapes were formed from plaster or wood (stacked particle board, waxed to aid releasing). The drape moulds allowed us to attach a foot immediately while the press moulds usually had an extruded rim and handles attached.

Video of Ric using the slab roller to make a consistent thickness sheet of clay, then using a slump mould he finishes off the platter.

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