Glaze Techniques

Our glazing and decorating techniques are kept economical. It suits our personalities to spend minutes rather than hours decorating.  We use a combination of dipping, wax resist, spray gun & hand decorating to glaze our range.

Dipping: This involves using tongs to dip the full pot in glaze to create a background glaze.  We will wax the foot & wipe off excess once this base coat is dry.

Wax Resist, Over pouring & Spray gun:  We use landscapes as inspiration for our glazing work. Using the pouring glaze to create & land or sea horizon.  The spray gun is great for adding a depth you only see once fired, so it’s a bit of luck how well it works.

Brush work:  Once the base color is added then Judy uses long flowing brush stokes in combination with a wax resist layer.  With a build up of up to 4 glaze colors it’s always great to see how the kiln firing reacts & brings each color out at different spots.

The final result:  We love bold modern colors on pottery.  The rich colors have always been popular with customers and we love opening a kiln full of individual pots and no breakages.